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Hey all ūüôā

this post is not about any of my findings, its about resources for the bug bounties for learners, no matter you are starting or experienced, there is always something to learn from others. 

and if you are just starting into bug bounty then surly its going to be helpful post, and some kind of necessary to do as nowadays seen many new guys starting bug bounty by seeing that $$, its good that you want to make $$ from it but before that you should understand the process , quality and report writing which will help you to make more $$, so its better to understand 1st and then go for it.

so here am going to add some links which have lots of info’s,¬†resources,¬†writeups¬†about¬†i was talking before.

apart from this, here is some GitHub projects which maintaining this huge list of categorized writeups, links for blogs of frequent & successful bug hunters.

all the resources are originally shared by HackerOne, BugCrowd, Jack, Philippe, Alphr, Chan Ngai Long, Dheeraj Joshi

hope it will be useful.


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